We are congregation D.C.B. (Beit, Da’ath, Chokmah,O’Binah), which is the House of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding. It is our primary goal to help resurrect the Chosen People of the Most High God who sleep in the dust of the earth, and to teach the world of the righteous ways that God intended for mankind to live. We pride ourselves in being Torah based and guiding the Children Of Yisrael who sleep in the dust of the earth, to understand our true heritage, return to righteousness, reclaim our identity and achieve our God given purpose which is to be a light unto the nations and teach the world that there is only one God, and the Lord of Hosts is His name. We aim to ensure the communities at large understand to be holy and how to obtain the blessing of the Most High. Therefore we invite all to join us either in person or online, as we continue our spiritual journey of righteousness and the proclamation of the Word of the Most High God.




Every Sabbath Day (Saturday) we will be broadcasting our services twice a day. We invite you to watch our worship service as well as listen to the lessons delivered throughout the day. The first service of the Sabbath day will begin at 11 AM EST and conclude at 2 PM EST. The starting time for the second service of the Sabbath day will be announced at the conclusion of the first service.






MLK DAY 2019: 90 Years of Prophecy and Reality - by Zaccar Ben Dan


As we reflect on the birthday, and subsequently the life, of one of our most profound civil rights activists we are inspired to embrace both the good and bad of what his life represented.  We accept what we have been taught that his life should mean to us but we should also seek the deeper meaning of what his legacy created and also what his legacy caused.  As we compare the juxtaposition of these opposing points of enlightenment, we can then really understand that this man was GOD sent, and we can interpret the prophecy that his life was set to fulfill.


During the March on Washington, Dr. King made one of the most prophetic and exposing speeches that this country has ever known.  One of the greatest aspects of that speech is the opposing view-points that it created.  Those opposing viewpoints are revealed and manifest depending on the mindset of those who read it, and more so the mindset of those who use it to explain the state of his people 50 years later.  Those opposing viewpoints will also be reflected as the purpose of his life becomes a topic of discussion.


Statement of Purpose -A Unity Shabbat 2018 Address - by Zaccar Ben Dan


We open all of our gatherings by giving praise to the CREATOR of the universe because we recognize that without HIM nothing would be possible.  We also recognize that with HIM all things are possible.


A few years ago, we the men of Beit DCB collectively embarked on a journey to do our part to uplift this segment of GOD’s nation and to motivate and inspire our people.  With the support of our loved ones we are able to stand here today amongst you all, our family from various walks of life and lift up our voices together to give praise to the one TRUE KING, the only GOD, the CREATOR of everything that we imagine and many other things that we cannot.


For the past few hundred years in our modern history we have been told by our oppressor all of the things that we are not, and all the things we cannot do.  We were convinced that we cannot succeed in anything. We have been labeled shiftless, lazy, and evil.  We have been called monkeys, coconuts, coons, and all types of derogatory terms.



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