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The True House of Israel
The Creator
Understanding The Law
Christianity & The New Testament

The purpose of this site is to examine and uphold three truths. That there is only one God, that He gave a Law which is to be upheld by all mankind and that the nation of Israel is His chosen people.

The True House of Israel are the so-called "Black", "Negro" and "West Indian" who are dispersed throughout the world. With careful examination of the Holy Scriptures and moderate study of this subject by focusing on history, what may have seemed as a myth will be sometime that will be recognized as just overlooked.

The Creator of the heavens and the Earth is YHWH. Through reverence for His holy name many Bibles translate His name as "the Lord". As is consistent with this site we properly replace Biblical quotations containing "the Lord" with His name, YHWH. This will give a true understanding of Whom we speak about and of Whom you read about during your personal studies.

Understanding the Law is essential to Israel's return to their God and subsequently the return of the world to its proper balance. The Law (also known as the Torah) is an unchangeable document of service to God and interaction with mankind.

Other truths must be examined as well in order to determine whether or not we are living our lives in accordance with the will of God.


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