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Ancient Israel
From Africa To The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
Present Day Israel

This section takes us through the stages of development that the nation of Israel went through from ancient times until today. It began with the great father Abraham, continued with his son Isaac and then his grandson Jacob who had 12 sons, each becoming the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. The existence of Israel is undeniable as the entire Holy Scriptures (Old Testament) was written by and about them. The great teacher and Law-giver Moses, of whom the first five books of the Holy Scriptures is ascribed to, was from the tribe of Levi. The great general Joshua, who lead and won the intial conquests of the land of Israel, was from the tribe of Ephraim. The judge Samson, dubbed the strongest man ever, was from the tribe of Dan. The renowned King David, the warrior and author of many Psalms, and his son King Solomon, wisest man to live and author of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, were from the tribe of Judah. The prophet Jonah, known for his survival in the belly of a fish, is of the tribe of Zebulun.

Ancient Israel tracks Israel's progression from 2000 BCE until 400 BCE citing many Biblical and historical references.

From Africa to the TransAtlantic Slave Trade cites Israel's emergence in Africa after being dispersed from their land and the transport of many Israelites to the New World in accordance with prophecy. Many tribes within Africa today trace their roots to ancient Israel through customs that were handed down and in some cases DNA testing.

Present Day Israel tells of the growing population of Israelites with knowledge of self in the Americas.

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